JavaScript is a key language in web design and web development

JavaScript is a programming language that allows you to send direct commands to web browsers and so it allows you maximum control of your website. JavaScript works hand-in-hand with HTML and CSS in modern web design.

... If you are creating websites today, you must learn at least basic JavaScript.

JavaScript and Web Frameworks

Web design these days, makes heavy use of pre-packaged code libraries called ‘frameworks’. Why? Because frameworks make building websites much easier. Many popular web frameworks rely heavily on JavaScript, including the two most popular: Bootstrap and JQuery.

You don’t absolutely need to know JavaScript to be a web designer but at some point, you are guaranteed to be exposed to it in some way. Whether it be because of frameworks or just basic web design, it makes sense to learn at least the basics of JavaScript.

Our JavaScript Training Courses

We have all the courses you need to make this easy. Here they are, organized in the order you should do them:

  1. Beginners Javascript
  2. Beginners jQuery
  3. Form Validation with PHP & Javascript

Stupid Easy Training!

What’s great about our courses, is that they will not put you to sleep and they won't make your head swell with too much nerd jargon. We teach in simple English, so simple in fact, that even I can understand!

To help with the learning process, WebMentor automatically tracks which lessons you've watched - among other things!

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Stefan Mischook

JavaScript code as seen in a popular code editor.

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