HTML is where web design begins

HTML is the language behind every website in the world. It is the first thing you must learn if you want to become a web designer or web developer.

Why should you learn to code in HTML, why not just use a web design app like Dreamweaver from the start?

In modern web design, you need to understand the code behind the pages. The days of only using a point-and-click web design app are long gone. Even if you eventually decide to use Dreamweaver (see below) or some other fancy app, you still have to understand how all the code (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) work together.

Learning web design the easy way

Web design apps like Dreamweaver are complex all on their own; so trying to learn web design and Dreamweaver at the same time, will just give you more headaches. If your goal is to become a Dreamweaver expert, the best way to approach it, is to first start with HTML and CSS and then move to Dreamweaver.

We have all the courses you need to make learning web design easy. Here they are, organized in the order you should do them:

  1. Web Foundations
  2. Beginners Web Design
  3. Beginners CSS Layouts
  4. CSS Lists and Navigation
  5. Beginners HTML Forms
  6. HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery

And if you want to learn Dreamweaver:

  1. Beginners Dreamweaver CS6

Stupid Easy Training!

What’s great about our courses, is that they will not put you to sleep and they won't make your head swell with too much nerd jargon. We teach in simple English, so simple in fact, that even I can understand!

To help with the learning process, WebMentor automatically tracks which lessons you've watched - among other things!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Stefan Mischook

HTML code as seen in a popular code editor.

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