CSS code makes websites look good

CSS is the sister language to HTML and it is used in every website in the world. This is the second language you must learn if you want to become a web designer or web developer.

CSS Styles Websites

CSS is the code that allows you to style you web pages. That includes setting font styles, font sizes, inserting images and even changing the entire look and positioning of things (text, images, menus) on your pages.

... Check out the screenshot on the right to see an example of how CSS transforms a web page.

Our CSS Training Courses

We have all the courses you need to make learning CSS a snap. Here they are, organized in the order you should do them:

  1. Beginners Web Design
  2. Beginners CSS Layouts
  3. CSS Lists and Navigation

Stupid Easy Training!

What’s great about our courses, is that they will not put you to sleep and they won't make your head swell with too much nerd jargon. We teach in simple English, so simple in fact, that even I can understand!

To help with the learning process, WebMentor automatically tracks which lessons you've watched - among other things!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Stefan Mischook

View of webmentor.org with CSS turned off.

View of webmentor.org with CSS on.

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